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Quick & Slick Removalists is one of the most respected furniture removals services in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded by Dane and Mark, who had lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time, they took the initiative to upgrade their van by installing hooks and hustling for work. Soon, their service began to receive outstanding reviews. They primarily serve the Clayton, Docklands, Ringwood, and Carrum-Downs areas.

Quick & Slick Removalist – Furniture Removalist Near Me

Quick & Slick Removals is one of the most trusted furniture removalist services in Melbourne. It was started by Mark and Dane after they both lost their jobs in the COVID-19 outbreak. They then stripped the interior of their van, installed hooks, and hustled to find work. Their services quickly gained a reputation for outstanding quality. They are a Melbourne-based company that serves the suburbs of Clayton, Ringwood, Docklands, and Carrum-Downs.

Recommendations for hiring a furniture removalist

Hiring a furniture removalist is a hassle-free way of moving your furniture to a new place. You can focus on other tasks while the company takes care of the tedious task. Professionals have the right equipment to move large and heavy pieces of furniture. Moreover, they know the best ways to pack and load your items. It is therefore essential to hire a company with years of experience.

Make sure the furniture removal company you hire has large trucks that can easily transport large items. This will increase the chances of getting your junk moved on the spot. Check if they have all the required equipment and staff for the job. Also, make sure the company cleans up their work area thoroughly.

If you are hiring a furniture removalist near me, it is important to check their online presence. A company that has a good reputation on the internet is more likely to provide quality service. You can check out customer reviews and testimonials, as well as the company’s Facebook page.

Cost of hiring a furniture removalist

Hiring a furniture removal service can be an expensive proposition. Not only are you paying for the convenience and expertise of professionals, but you’re also paying for the cost of time. Some companies charge by the hour, while others charge per project. As a result, the cost of hiring a furniture removalist will vary widely, depending on the type of move and how far it has to go. Before hiring a company, be sure to ask for quotes. You can receive up to six quotes, and these quotes will give you an accurate estimate of how much your furniture will cost to move.

A good furniture removalist will charge between $90 and $100 an hour. A single furniture removalist can charge $60 an hour, while a full team of removalists can charge $150 or more. You can also hire a professional to move your furniture for a fixed fee, which will help you stick to your budget.

Avoiding a furniture removalist

Moving house can be a stressful time. It’s important to hire a furniture removalist who will move your belongings safely and securely. The process can be complicated, and you may find yourself spending more money than you expected. However, there are a few ways to avoid paying too much for a removalist. The first step is to research all of your options. Consider factors such as distance, stairs, and other services that you may need.

While it’s tempting to try to move furniture yourself, this may not be the best way to go. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also put your expensive assets in danger. A good furniture removalist will have special gear and expertise to safely transport your items.

Quick & Slick Removalist

Quick & Slick Removalist is one of the most reputable furniture removal services in Melbourne. Founded by Dane and Mark, who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this service was born out of a need. The two men stripped their van, installed hooks and hustled to find work, and soon, outstanding reviews began to flow in. Today, Quick & Slick is a trusted service in Clayton, Ringwood, Docklands and Carrum-Downs.

Allied furniture movers

Quick & Slick Removals has established itself as one of Melbourne’s most reliable furniture removal services. The company was founded by Dane and Mark, who both had extensive experience in the removal industry. They were unemployed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but were determined to get back in the business. The pair stripped their vans of furnishings, installed hooks, and hustled to get work. Their efforts paid off, and they soon received outstanding reviews.

When selecting Melbourne removalists, choose a company with a depot in your suburb. The reason is simple – they must travel to your address and back to the depot. If they are too far away, you’ll be paying for fuel and time wasted getting to your new address.

Get ‘n’ Go Removals

If you are moving into a new home, it is a great idea to hire a removalist service that is local to your area. Get ‘n’ Go Removals are a local company that understands the stress involved in moving. They specialize in furniture removals in and around Melbourne. Their team also offers a packing and unpacking service.

If you have fragile items or don’t have the time to pack them yourself, Get ‘n’ Go Removals are your best bet. These family-owned removalists are incredibly efficient and take the stress out of moving. With the highest level of care and attention to detail, they will make sure your things are wrapped and protected before the move. They also take the extra step of unpacking everything for you when you arrive at your new location.

Get ‘n’ Slick Removals

Quick ‘n’ Slick Removals is one of the most dependable and trusted house furniture removalists Melbourne. Founded by Mark and Dane in 2002, the company has earned an excellent reputation in the removals industry for their exceptional service. The company offers affordable and flexible rates, and is fully licensed and insured. Its customers include people from Docklands, Ringwood, and Carrum-Downs.

Quick ‘n’ Slick Removals can help you move into a new home or office. Their services are not only limited to house and apartment moving, but also office and commercial moves. These removalists are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 6pm, and Saturday, 10am to 2pm.


When you’re moving house in Melbourne, you’ll need the services of a reputable furniture removalist. Allied can ensure that your belongings make it to your new location safely and in one piece. They are capable of handling both large and small moves, and will make the transition as smooth as possible.

Allied Removalists

Quick & Slick Removalist is one of the most trusted furniture removal services in Melbourne, Australia. The two owners, Dane and Mark, started the company after being laid off in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. They began by tearing out the interior of their van and installing hooks to hold furniture, and they hustled hard to find work. Their premium service has since earned them outstanding reviews from their customers. They offer their services in areas such as Docklands, Clayton, and Ringwood. Having a presence in these areas means that you can be confident that the removalists you are hiring will be there on time for your moving day.

A quality removalist will take care of all the packing and transporting for you. They will make sure that all your items arrive safely at your new home. This will help you to avoid the hassle of repacking and arranging the new place. While they will take care of everything, they also know how to handle large and small moves.

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